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Working closely with the Artist to produce outstanding screen prints, we use the very best materials and techniques to make multi coloured high end editions. Where possible, we like to work one on one with the client so they can over see the different stages of production. We use a wide range of inks to achieve the desired results, these include -  oil based, water based, fluro, metallic and just about anything you can imagine. Experimentation is always encouraged here and we are always open to new ideas and challenges. At Mark My Words we pride ourselves on being able to print large, we can make screens and print up to A1 size. 


There is nothing like receiving a freshly printed run of posters. Seeing your artwork transformed into something you can touch and feel can be very satisfying, and normally the end result of a lot of hard work! A well produced poster can be a work of art. We can provide top end hand made posters for Artists, Bands, Film makers and anyone else who loves a poster! 


We have been known to print onto many different substrates including glass, wood, plastic and anything else that is flat enough to get our hands on! So if you have any crazy or interesting ideas on the horizon, please feel free to get in contact. We do love a good challenge.